Price $20 - $50
Provide Sight Saving Tools | $25
The right tools in trained hands enable thousands of people to have their vision tested and sight restored.
Support Seva's American Indian Sight Initiative
$25 or selected amount
This gift supports Seva's American Indian Sight Initiative (AISI) program by advancing educational opportunities, equipment upgrades and improved accessibility to eye health for American Indians.
Help a Woman See | $35
You can help a woman living in a poor rural area get the eye care services she needs. From outreach and education to transportation arrangements, your gift ensures she avoids low vision and blindness.
GIve Sight to a Blind Person | $50
Sponsor a cataract operation and restore sight to a blind person in Tibet, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia or Guatemala.
Heart of Compassion | $50 or selected amount
Support Seva's innovative projects around the world that alleviate suffering caused by poverty and disease. Your gift will support sustainable solutions that take root and grow.
Kindness for Children | $50 or selected amount
The well-being of the world's children is a responsibility we all share. Your simple act of compassion helps create the world that children deserve.
Opportunities for Women and Girls | $50 or selected amount
Your gift opens new doors for the women and girls around the world who receive less access to health care and fewer economic opportunities. This gift can change a woman's life forever.
4-Pack Gift Cards | $50
This unique pack of cards includes one of each gift card with envelopes and a description of the important health programs being supported through giving these beautiful cards. A great value - four gifts for the price of one!
2014 Seva Calendar | $12
This beautiful 2014 Seva calendar is produced in partnership with Putumayo. It features beautiful portraits of children from many of the countries where Seva works around the world, by Seva photographer and board member Jon Kaplan.