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Sight Programs
Creating innovations in affordable eye care

Seva's Sight Programs have benefited millions of people in poor communities in countries such as Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, India, and Guatemala.  Our proven approach helps local partners develop high quality, affordable eye care services that they can sustain on their own.  In the past year, Seva-supported programs served over 1,040,000 people worldwide.

Restoring Sight, Restoring Lives 
More than 80% of the world's 39 million blind could see again if only they had access to adequate care.  That's why Seva supports local hospitals and clinics in providing free or low-cost eye exams, glasses, basic care and preventive education, with a special emphasis on cataract surgery.  Cataract is the leading cause of blindness, yet is reversible with a relatively simple 15-minute operation.

Seva-supported programs performed over 85,000 sight-restoring surgeries this year, the majority of which were for cataract.  With restored vision, patients and their caretakers have renewed opportunities for education and meaningful work. Because cataract surgery so quickly cures disabling blindness, the World Bank calls it one of the most cost effective health interventions.

Building Local Capacity
Seva nurtures the sustainability of our local partners by helping them develop their own capacity.  We provide training for local staff and doctors.  In Cambodia, for example, a population of 14 million has depended on only five ophthalmologists.  Seva-sponsored training programs have added another four who are dedicated to serving the poor.  We continue to focus on building capacity in Cambodia where the need is so great.

To ensure our partners achieve self-sufficiency, we help them implement business models in which fees are charged to those who can afford to pay and no one is denied care.

Connecting People With Services 
Using effective outreach strategies, Seva programs make eye care services accessible to those in greatest need:  the poor, women, children and those living in rural areas.  We train local community health workers to provide preventive education and to refer patients needing glasses or medical treatment to Seva Community Vision Centers and hospitals.  In North India, for example, Seva partners have achieved a four fold increase in the number of patients receiving eye surgeries.



Seva Sight Programs

Read more detailed information about our work to restore vision to blind people around the world.

Mobile Eye Camps

Seva has long supported this innovative way to bring eye care services to poor people in remote areas of Tibet, Nepal and Cambodia.

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